What is Prenatal & Birth Therapy (PBT)

This approach is from the point of view of the baby and in the case of adults, the child in the adult – where we get stuck. Many people suffering with post traumatic stress disorder will seek help from the talking therapies and this is essential to help resolve issues which have not been processed. Prenatal and Birth Therapy can help to support this but in addition will also address what is held in the body language. This treatment works with the emotions and at nervous system level.

This is often the missing link to achieve a more satisfactory outcome. A traumatic incident will often become all-consuming. It could trigger an experience of the very first time the body met threat and how it survived. It then repeats the survival pattern. This is logged in tissue memory and is an autonomic response. It is not a logical thought pattern and could also produce a highly emotionally charged state.

These are delicate issues and must be handled with care and respect. Feeling heard is an essential part of the healing process and an experienced therapist will be able to support the body to let go of these patterns of resistance which might linger on even though the event is long gone.

This will allow the body to process and resolve many of these issues and find a new state of balance.

Jo Piler

RCST, PBT Registered Craniosacral Therapist

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