Jo Piler testimonials

I met Jo in 1998, when my son (aged 4 years) was having difficulty going to the toilet and was wary of people outside the immediate family. After several sessions with Jo his toilet problems resolved and he started interacting happily with people.

As a family, we have consulted Jo for issues such as back pain, whiplash, teenage emotional problems bereavement and epilepsy.

Jo has a very gentle and caring way of working. Her cranial therapy helps to get to the root of the problem rather than just deal with the symptoms. Although it is a slower process, it provides long term relief.

I have recommended Jo to several family members and friends, and they have all had positive results with Jo.

I would highly recommend Jo for any physical or emotional issues.

Jo Piler testimonials

I will always remember your kindness Jo, your generosity of spirit and your sincerity. You took me, a complete stranger, by the hand and walked with me for part of my journey through a dark and difficult time.

You made it possible for me to see you regularly. You used all your skills and healing to begin a process of unravelling, in order to help me re-build a broken life. And I am so grateful for that.

Jo Piler testimonials

I was in a car accident in 1997 which I suffered whiplash from and was left with serious back problems. I had these issues for about 5 years before I found Jo. I had tried physiotherapy, Osteopathy and also had injections into my back none of which helped my condition.

She helped me release emotional trauma that was being trapped in my body and get to the bottom of the problem that was causing me so much pain. Some of which I found out was from a really early age and from traumatic birth issues.

I would like to thank Jo for all her kindness, patience and resolve as she has given me the opportunity to get my life fully back on track. I do not have any more back problems and I am at full health and exercising regularly which a few years ago I could not see happening.

Jo Piler

RCST, PBT Registered Craniosacral Therapist

0203 712 9078

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Whetstone, North London